The Flower That Blooms….


Jasmine's Dream Goal

Jasmine was almost 14 years old when she was adopted from China.   She has decided to share her story to encourage others to adopt older children, to help others understand what it was like to live in an orphanage, and to give encouragement to other children who will be joining their forever family.

Jasmine has watched me write my blog for years now.  We have had many conversations about why I share our family’s stories.  Whenever I write about her, I ask permission to share whatever she has told me.  There are things that she has chosen not to share at this time and I respect that.

When Jasmine was going in for surgery for her spinal fusion the anesthesiologist told Jasmine she could dream about whatever she wanted.   The room went completely quiet when Jasmine said, “I dream that one day every child has a family and that there will be no more orphans.”   From this comment Jasmine’s Dream became our families motto.  Helping every child that we can one child at a time.

Jasmine and her sisters, Grace (12), Elyse (11), and JJ (9) have decided to band together and try to make Jasmine’s Dream come true.  We have decided our first goal will be to help 1,000 children find their forever families.  We have done this by sponsoring children through Love Without Boundaries and we give to every adoption fundraiser that we can.  Slowly but surely they are reaching their goal.

The girls want to raise awareness about adoption and orphanage life.  They want to start their own Etsy shop and I hope to help them accomplish this in the coming year.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about adoption and Jasmine’s Dream!

Lisa, mama to the most amazing girls



8 thoughts on “The Flower That Blooms….

  1. Jasmine, I have loved following your journey on your mom’s blog. I am SO excited to read your blog now! Thank you so much for putting your story out there–I know it will inspire and encourage so many people! You are beautiful and amazing!!

  2. Hi Jasmine,
    I thought I messaged you but it must not have gone through. Love Love Love that you are writing a blog!!!! We adopted our daughter when she was 5. She is 12 now. She never talks about China and when people talk with her, she politely tells them she doesn’t want to talk about China. She is truly an all American kid though. Even being 12 and a preteen with all its challenges is no different. LOL! I am hoping she would read your blog. It might make her open up a little about China. I love the country. Was so impressed when we were there. Sure wish we could go back but it is not meant to be. Happy for you and your lovely family. God sure is good, isn’t He? Take care!

  3. Hi Jasmine! I really like your blog! Using a blog to tell your story is a beautiful idea that will bless many people. I hope to read more as you post more. Way-to-go!
    P.S. We miss you at church! 😉

  4. Hi Jasmine and family! I am also the mom of six girls, five who were adopted from China. One of my girls has had polio, and like you, she uses a wheelchair. She was adopted when she was eight years old. Back then we thought she might walk — but it was just not meant to be. She has had many, many surgeries over the years and now has a power wheelchair. She is almost 23 years old. My has time flown! Madison is in college, studying to be a social worker. If you would ever like to write to her, have your mom contact me. I know Madison would love to talk with someone else who uses wheels, who is from China. Best wishes!

  5. We are considering adopting a 13-year old that will be 14 the end of December 2016. We’re afraid that we might not have enough time, as we are just starting the paperwork. What would you suggest? Can it be expedited in 4 months?

    • Yes, it can be done but it takes a lot of work by your agency and yourself. Have you started the paperwork? Are you prepared to adopt an older child? Do you have older children? Please feel free to message me, Lisa Ellsbury – Jasmine’s mom, on our Seriously Blessed by Adoption page or my personal page.

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